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Thank you so much for this reading, you did an amazing job and seemed to be able to describe exactly what my situation was. You saw my insecurities and instantly was able to tell me not to worry about whatever it was that I was worried about. I would definitely want you to do another reading for me soon. - Micah C.

Hi Kat, Thank you for the wonderful reading. Now, I'm feeling much more confident. I really enjoyed your reading. Judith W.

Thank you soooo much for the reading and guidance. You are an angel.... a million thanks and may God bless you in abundance! - M.J.

Hi Kat, Thank you so much for the reading. I was happy to receive it well before the date I was told.  It definitely resonates with how we’re feeling about each other. Thanks again. - G.R.

Hi Kat,  Thank you for the reading. I am so happy with the answer to my question and you explained the cards really well. Thank you again. - Kathleen T.

Dear Kat, Many thanks for such a swift and accurate reading. In actual fact, not only does your four card spread address the question to hand but it reflects the overall situation I find myself in. Your reading was accurate, sensitive, read through a gentle filter of interpretation and clear. I also found the suggestion of meditation to clarify and focus intuition very helpful - though it may seem obvious, somehow it hadn't seemed to me to be a useful tool when working with intuition. - Kirsten N.

Hi Kat.  Wow, your reading was good, it's like you know me. Thank you for your lovely reading! - Estee S.

Your reading was not only really accurate but also really beautiful. You told me exactly what I needed to know and made me feel so much better with my situation. Thanks a lot for your kind words! - S. L.

Thank you so much! Your reading was incredibly insightful and accurate! Amazing! - Liis