This is a sample tarot reading for someone asking about a job promotion.

 Traditionally the reversed Seven of Pentacles is about feeling a lack of enthusiasm and wanting the reward now. As you have shared with me, I believe this refers to you not liking your current job. It doesn’t bring you fulfillment anymore. You are unsure about staying there. There is some anxiety and stress coming from your job. You’ve realized that your job is no longer serving you. 

I asked the cards: What is your potential for finding another job? I pulled the reversed Tower. That suggests something will change. The reversed Tower is about a light change, nothing earth-shattering. So it could mean a new job or things could get better at your current situation. 

To get better clarification on what kind of change, I pulled another card – the Six of Pentacles. The Six of Pentacles says the job you find will make you feel good because you will have the opportunity to help people in some way. It will be a fulfilling position. You have wisdom to pass along. This card also indicates financial abundance and good health. Your next position will pay well and help you get out of debt.  

What can you do to improve your work life? The reversed Five of Pentacles in this position indicates you need to ask for help. There are resources out there for you, but you must seek them out. Realize that you are not alone and that circumstances change. Things may not happen fast, but good results can occur if you have patience. Accept people’s assistance with gratitude. 

You can reach a safe and strong situation if you continue to work hard and not lose faith that your efforts are worthwhile. Abundance is in store for you around the corner and a feeling of safety and relief.