Taurus Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead


Hi there! Taureans seem to be having a hard time. However, it won’t last forever. Your career card of the year is the reversed Nine of Wands. Your card for improving your work life this year is the Five of Pentacles.

The reversed Nine of Wands in this position suggests you don’t want to make a commitment in your career. Perhaps you are scared to commit. You are trying to achieve a goal, and it isn’t happening yet. This is an uneasy feeling for you because you like to feel secure. However, the reversed Nine of Wands says you are close to completing your goal if you don’t give up. You need to release the need to want to control and know everything.

The Five of Pentacles lets you know you can improve your career by asking for help. You have the resources, but you may be too ashamed to ask for help. You are not alone. Also, don’t focus so much on your wounds. You are going to be okay even though you feel empty in some way.

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