Earth Signs Tarot Career Reading - May

Hi Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn! I asked the cards, what help is available to you in your career. Here is your tarot reading for May:

Your card is the Ten of Pentacles. That card suggests several resources are available to you. You may feel a sense of lack or feel like you don’t deserve the help. As an Earth Sign, you can be stubborn and pragmatic. You may not ask for the help, but you must because if you don’t you are missing out on so many resources. This assistance can provide long lasting abundance. Be clear on what you need.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled  Skunk Spirit which goes well with the Ten of Pentacles. Know your worth. You should be proud of all you’ve accomplished. Be true to yourself.

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Earth Signs Career Tarot Reading - April

Hi Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn! I asked the cards, what are you passionate about when it comes to your career. Here is your tarot reading for April:

The reversed Magician suggests you are uncertain you have all you need to carry out what you are passionate about. As of an earth sign, you want to be sure and practical before taking any risk. Perhaps you want to start a new business or a new project at work. Have confidence that you have enough to accomplish your goals.

Earth Signs Career Tarot Reading - March

Hi Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn! Here is your career reading for March:

The reversed Three of Pentacles reversed says you feel as if you aren’t being heard. As a result, you may have been careless with your work. You know you have a lot to offer your coworkers or to your industry. Don’t take shortcuts. To get far, you have to work hard even if you feel like things aren’t fair.

Virgo Career Tarot Reading - Transformation

Hey Virgo! I asked the cards how you can modify your work life. I pulled the Eight of Swords as to how you are feeling now and the Three of Pentacles is how you can transform.

The Eight of Swords shows you have a lot of anxiety about your work life. You may feel powerless and stuck. Overall, you are feeling very negative. First, ask yourself are you happy where you are? You can choose another option. I’m not saying it’s easy. If you use your own power, you will feel more in control of your career.

Virgo Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead

Hey Virgo! Your career card of the year is the Five of Pentacles. Your card for improving your work life this year is Seven of Swords.

The Five of Pentacles may mean you will have a perception of lack this year. In reality, you’ll be fine. However, there is an underlying frustration with how your career or finances are going. You may fear not being valued. This feeling won’t last all year. You will realize you have resources. With the new moon in Capricorn this month, now is a good time to plan so you will feel more secure.

Virgo tarot reading (career) - December

Hey there, Virgo! Your two cards for your career reading are the Six of Swords and the reversed Nine of Swords. There seems to be a lot of anxiety concerning your career.

The Six of Swords indicates you want to get away from some aspect of your career. You might want to be done with a project, or you may desire to leave your job and do something different. You believe going will bring you joy and relief from anxiety.

Virgo tarot reading (career) - November

Hi Virgo! Your two cards for your career reading are the reversed Ace of Pentacles and the Five of Cups.

You feel a lack of abundance and also have a lack of energy as evidenced by the reversed Ace of Pentacles. Perhaps your career isn’t currently going the way you desire. You may want to begin new projects or bring more life to your work in general.

Virgo tarot reading (career) - October

Hey Virgo! For your career reading, you received the Three of Pentacles and reversed Judgement.

The Three of Pentacles tells me you feel accomplished in your career. You’ve just completed a goal or a project, and you feel proud. It could also mean you are just starting a new business and you’ve already seen results. You’ve worked hard, and you should be proud of yourself.

Virgo tarot reading (career) - September 2018

Virgo, you feel the need to reflect on your career. You may be so busy taking care of others or worrying about your career to listen to your intuition. I recommend you meditate so you will be able to hear your inner voice. (The High Priestess - reversed)

The result of your reflection on your career may lead you to feel disillusioned and full of despair. That sounds bad, but that may guide you to make some much-needed changes. I would suggest you get a mentor or coach who can help you see what you can’t on your own. (The Star - reversed)

To have growth in your career, you need to take care of yourself and try not to worry so much about the unknown. (The Wheel of Fortune)

Virgo tarot career reading - August 2018

You feel you deserve recognition for your hard work. You keep working and you’re not receiving feedback. You are unsure of how you are doing. You want some some type of validation (Six of Wands - reversed)

My suggestion to you is to keep working hard. Put your heart in it. As a Virgo, I know you are a perfectionist and detail oriented when it comes to your work. People will recognize what a great job you’ve been doing. You are doing everything right, don’t give up now.  (Three of Pentacles)

To move forward in your career, don’t overwork and say yes to everything just to get people to notice you. People will notice you in due time. (King of Pentacles - reversed).

Virgo Career Reading for July 2018

Previously, you felt like things in your career weren’t moving fast enough. You weren’t satisfied with your job. You were restless and unhappy. 

Presently, you are exhausted. You are facing challenges at work. To get past your current situation, don’t give up. You have more energy than you think. 

Ultimately, you will remain on top. There may be competition.  Your strength will get you through. 

Ask spirit, whatever that means to you, for help. Don’t try to do it all by yourself.