Fire Signs Tarot Career Reading - May

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! I asked the cards, what help is available to you in your career. Here is your tarot reading for May:

The Tower Rx suggests the Universe or Spirit will help you get rid of what isn’t working for you if you don’t do it on your own. It won’t be as sudden or as harsh as The Tower upright would be. Feel comforted by the fact that you won’t go into this career change alone. Now is the time for the change. As a Fire Sign, you are independent and autonomous, and you probably want to do the changes on your own. Think about what isn’t working. It needs to go. Don’t be resistant to a different way of doing things.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled Squirrel Spirit. That card says you have all the resources you need to make the changes you desire. You just need to trust and believe in yourself.

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Fire Signs Career Tarot Reading - April

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! I asked the cards, what are you passionate about when it comes to your career. Here is your tarot reading for April:

The Knight of Wands Rx suggests you may already be doing what you are passionate about. You are a fire sign, so it would shock no one if you already know what you want. Also, you are going after it. However, this card suggests there is some conflict within you.

Fire Signs Career Tarot Reading - March

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! Here is your career reading for March:

The Three of Pentacles suggests you are currently in a learning situation or you feel like a beginner. You are doing great work. You are building something bigger than yourself. Others are admiring you and your knowledge. You like teaching and can’t wait to share what you know. You may feel like people aren’t noticing your strong work ethic, but they do.

Leo Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hey Leo! I asked the cards how you can revamp your work life. I pulled the reversed Three of Pentacles as to how you are feeling now and the reversed Ten of Pentacles is how you can transform.

The Three of Pentacles Rx suggests you are feeling as though you aren’t getting the help you need. You would like more guidance and assistance from your peers. You also are struggling with a lack of direction. This card is calling on you to be self-motivated. There are more significant possibilities out there for you, but you must be determined and persistent.

Leo Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead

Hi Leo! Your career card of the year is Justice. Your card for improving your work life this year is reversed Judgement.

Justice suggests you should be careful with your choices in your career this year. Be aware that what you do has consequences. Think things through carefully. The Leo Lunar Eclipse is January is 21. Be careful during that time and don’t take irresponsible risks. You may be more emotional during the time of the eclipse.

Leo tarot reading (career) - December

Hey, Leo! Your two career cards for this month are Death and the reversed Eight of Swords.

The Death card is about change and releasing things. You may be going through a transformation at work. You aren’t comfortable with what’s occurring. You feel things are moving too fast. You don’t feel ready. You are doubting yourself, and resisting letting go.

Leo tarot reading (career) - October

Leo, your two career cards for this month are the reversed Hanged Man and the reversed Seven of Swords.

Upright The Hanged Man indicates you’ve done all the work and now you need to wait. Reversed this card says you are doing a lot, but you know you need to wait. Instead of doing, you need to be patient and reflect. Slow down or you will be completely overwhelmed and may be unable to do your best work.

Leo tarot reading (career) - September 2018

Leo, I see that you are currently feeling optimistic about your career. You feel abundant in most areas of your life. Overall, things are going well. You are confident and independent. (Nine of Pentacles)

To progress in your career, you need to realize there may be challenges in the future, but you can overcome them. You will need to be strong. The challenges won't last forever.  (Nine of Wands)

When you do overcome your setbacks, you will feel stable accomplished,  and secure. You will be in a leadership role if that is what you desire. (The Emperor)


Leo tarot career reading - August 2018

When it comes to your career, you have high expectations. When you don’t meet those expectations, you feel like a failure.  (King of Wands - reversed)

I would advise you to start fresh. Rethink things. Let go of what’s not working for you. These are difficult times, but you must endure them to move on. (Death)

To progress in your career, you need to have the courage to face the hard times and let go of perfectionism. Use your creativity to come up with new ideas. As a Leo, you are action oriented, you won’t have a problem moving on from perceived setbacks. (Queen of Wands)


Leo Career Reading for July 2018

Wow, things have been really good for you in the past. You were abundant not only in work related matters but also with friends and family. You did all the right things to get to where you wanted to be in your career.

Right now, you are proud of what you have accomplished. However, you may feel like you are drowning because you are working so hard. You may want to consider leaving your current job if you feel unappreciated.

The future shows that you will be under extreme duress if you continue working so hard. You’re going to be exhausted. You have given everything you can. It’s time to move on. 

You know you are a good worker and you will find meaningful  work at a place where you won’t have to work so hard.