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Gemini tarot career reading - August 2018

You have been feeling dissatisfied with your work. You know there is something bigger for you out there. You want to work at a place where your voice will be heard and appreciated. There isn’t much room for you to grow where you currently are. (3 of Pentacles - reversed)

My advice to you is to speak up. When you do, your ideas will be celebrated. Focus on your work and you will be recognized.  (6 of Wands)

In the future, you may need to make some tough decisions regarding your career. Don’t put the decision off. Geminis are known for being indecisive. To move forward you need to accept this challenging time as a learning opportunity.  (The Hanged Man - reversed)


Pisces Career Reading for July 2018

In the recent past, you were working against the flow, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t successful. You just took the harder route. 

Now your career is looking very positive. You’re achieving your work goals. You will soon get an award or promotion. 

In the days ahead, you need to stay true to your values. Be the individual you are. You will not be abandoned by the world if you are yourself.  Don’t conform. Also, don’t let perfectionism get in the way. 

Aquarius Career Reading for July 2018

Previously you lost money in a business transaction, or you were unemployed. 

Presently, you are pondering a course of action. You are wondering which career path to take. You fear you may have to give up something to get what you really want. Don’t procrastinate on making the decision. You have clarity, and you know what you must do. 

The future is looking good! You made the decision that was right for you. I see a job offer or an opportunity for increased income. You will get recognition for your hard work. 

Don’t worry too much about the future. Don’t reflect too much on the past. This moment is what you need to focus on to make the correct decision.

Capricorn Career Reading for July 2018

In the past, you were victorious at work. You worked hard and deserved all the success. 

Right now, you are procrastinating regarding a decision about work. You are wondering whether your hard work will pay off. There will be ups and downs but commit fully to your resolution. If you don’t want to invest, it may be time to look for a different job. 

Capricorns like to plan everything out and be sure before they act. However, you may need to change your expectations. Try to think of other alternatives when it comes to your decision. If your job, can’t offer you want you want, you may want to consider something else.

In the end, all your hard work will pay off. Don’t give up. You will see abundance in the future. 

Sagittarius Career Reading for July 2018

Previously you have felt your talent wasn’t used well at work. You may have also felt like your family wanted you to do one thing while you tried to do what’s right for you. 

Now you are at a place where you feel your skills are being admired. Recognition is coming if you haven’t already received it. You will feel validated in the career choice you have made.

Eventually, you will need to rely on your faith to get through career issues. You may have to take time away from work, and this is when you will need to believe in something bigger than yourself. 

Focus on the here and now. What you think will become your reality. Stay present.

Scorpio Career Reading for July 2018

In the recent past, you let go of something in your career and started over. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Now you are balancing many things. If you are enjoying what is going on in your career right now even though it’s tough, keep going. If it feels like too much is going on, you should reconsider. 

In the future, there will be tension at work. The resolution will come without force. You will need courage, determination, and patience. 

If you find yourself repeating lessons, look at yourself to see where you fit in. Be accountable. That is your key to freedom.

Libra Career Reading for July 2018

In the past, you’ve moved too fast when it comes to career goals. You have taken many risks. 

Now you may be too passive.  You're holding back on showing your skills which is holding you back from achieving your goals. 

In the future, you will have a decision to make when it comes to your career. Think hard about this. Don’t be too hasty or you may suffer from buyer’s remorse. Rely on logic when it comes to this decision. 

You seem to think something fearful will happen. Don’t keep replaying the worst case scenario in your head. You’ll make the right decision.

Virgo Career Reading for July 2018

Previously, you felt like things in your career weren’t moving fast enough. You weren’t satisfied with your job. You were restless and unhappy. 

Presently, you are exhausted. You are facing challenges at work. To get past your current situation, don’t give up. You have more energy than you think. 

Ultimately, you will remain on top. There may be competition.  Your strength will get you through. 

Ask spirit, whatever that means to you, for help. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. 

Leo Career Reading for July 2018

Wow, things have been really good for you in the past. You were abundant not only in work related matters but also with friends and family. You did all the right things to get to where you wanted to be in your career.

Right now, you are proud of what you have accomplished. However, you may feel like you are drowning because you are working so hard. You may want to consider leaving your current job if you feel unappreciated.

The future shows that you will be under extreme duress if you continue working so hard. You’re going to be exhausted. You have given everything you can. It’s time to move on. 

You know you are a good worker and you will find meaningful  work at a place where you won’t have to work so hard. 

Cancer Career Reading for July 2018

You’ve recently finished school or are in school now. You are very proud of your studies. You know you’ve got what it takes to succeed in your chosen field. 

Presently you need to show restraint with your emotions. Be rational. Do your job with quiet competence. Are you currently feeling doubt when it comes to your present job? If so, listen. This may not be the right job for you. 

In the future, you will have plenty of ideas and inspiration. Nothing will seem impossible. You will receive news good regarding your career or other creative projects. 

Things may not turn out exactly as you planned. Trust the Universe. Things will unfold nicely for you. 

Gemini Career Reading for July 2018

Things might not be going well right now, but I promise they will get better. 

In the past, you needed to be reliable when it came to your career. You had a conventional job.  You had to be careful.  You were stable in that job. 

Now you are struggling. You can’t see your gifts because you aren’t looking. You recently had a career loss or if you didn’t lose your job, you lost something within the job. Status, maybe? Or you feel like you lost a particular future career path. 

The good news is you can manifest that new career or find a new direction within your current job. You are determined. You need to concentrate on what you want. Say it out loud and go after it. The good is out there, you just need to go after it. 

Eventually, all your hard work will pay off. Don’t know what direction to head in? Look for signs from the Universe. 

Taurus Career Reading for July 2018

Things are looking good, Taurus! You’ve been working really hard on your career skills. You’ve accomplished a lot. You are successful in your field. 

Presently, you need to work on relying on logic more.  Be rational. You also need to be more organized and structured. You may need to speak out more at your job.  

In the future, you will continue to be successful. You’ll be prosperous. Just keep going. Eventually you will be able to stop working so hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

If you are thinking about switching careers at this time, I’m getting the message that this is something you should not do. You might think you need to shift something, but you where you are right now is the right path.