Water Signs Tarot Career Reading - May

Hi Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces! I asked the cards, what help is available to you in your career. Here is your tarot reading for May:

The Moon indicates assistance is within you. You must trust your intuition. Listen to your body. If you can remember your dreams, pay attention to them. Answers are available to you. At this moment, your help is within your silence. I believe this will be easy for you because Water Signs are known for being dreamy and introspective.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled Lion Spirit Rx. This card reminds you not to believe in lack. You are enough. You can be a leader. The real magic happens when you believe you’re enough.

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Water Signs Career Tarot Reading - April

Hi Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces! I asked the cards, what are you passionate about when it comes to your career. Here is your tarot reading for April:

The Knight of Cups indicates you are excited about working hard. You know slow and steady work will bring success. You aren’t into rushing things. You know planning is required to get the best results. If things aren’t currently going well, it’s time to regroup. You’ve got this! You’re heading in the right direction.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled Round and Round Rx. This card says don’t repeat negative patterns. You have the power to stop the cycle.

Water Signs Career Tarot Reading - March

Hi Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces! Here is your career reading for March:

Justice indicates you may feel like something about your work situation isn’t fair or isn’t going the way you want it too. Perhaps you aren’t getting the recognition you feel you deserve. However, this card says things will start going in your favor if you have been working hard.

Cancer Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hi Cancer! I asked the cards how you can change your work life. I pulled The Five Pentacles as to how you are feeling now and being like the King of Swords Rx is how you can transform.

To modify your current work situation, the Five of Pentacles says you need to ask for help since you are going through a difficult time. You feel as though you are just getting by. I know you are finding it hard to motivate yourself. However, things are not as bad as you think they are. People are willing to help you. You aren’t alone as you may feel.

Cancer Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead

Hi there, Cancer! Your career card of the year is reversed Queen of Wands. Your card for improving your work life this year is the Four of Swords.

The reversed Queen of Wands suggests your work life this year will be filled with doubt. You are doubting whether you can make things happen. You feel like not even trying to make a move. You have lost confidence in yourself.

Cancer tarot reading (Career) - December

Hi there, Cancer! The reversed Four of Cups, and the reversed Queen of Swords are your tarot cards for your career this month.

When it comes to your career, what do you want to say no to? What do you need to say no to you? The reversed Four of Cups is calling on you to stop a negative pattern. Look at your career or your life in general, what’s not working?

Cancer tarot reading (career) - November

Hey, Cancer! For your career reading this month, I pulled the reversed Eight of Wands and the Six of Wands. I also pulled the Six of Wands for you last month.

The reversed Eight of Wands traditionally means you are trying to stop moving forward for some reason. You’re resisting progressing forward in your career. There have been delays and obstacles. This is causing you to be impatient. Perhaps you are questioning whether you really want to move forward at all.

Cancer tarot reading (career) - October

Hey there, Cancer! For your career reading this month I pulled the reversed Knight of Wands and the Six of Wands.

The Knight of Wands in the reversed position suggests you are feeling frustrated with your career. You may feel resentful because you are working hard and not seeing the results you desire. Right now you need patience. Reacting impulsively will not help you.

Cancer tarot reading (career) - September 2018

Hey there, Cancer! When it comes to your career, you feel stuck in the past. You are afraid to move on. You know there may be better opportunities out there, but fear of the unknown keeps you stuck. (Six of Cups - reversed)

To move forward in your career, don’t worry about not receiving recognition. Sometimes no feedback means you are doing well. If you were doing a horrible job, surely you would hear about it. (Six of Wands - reversed)

If you are able to address your fear, then you will be successful. It will not come fast. You will need to use your willpower. Maintain confidence and don’t let the slow pace bother you. Let go of the need to control things. (The Chariot).  


Cancer tarot career reading - August 2018

Presently, you are going through what feels like a new beginning in your career. Perhaps you are starting a new business. Whatever is happening is heart-centered. It will open you up spiritually and creatively. You are emotionally happy. (Ace of Cups)

My advice to you is to make sure whatever you are building is built on a firm foundation, or it may not work. The foundation must be strong on the inside and outside. Try to take a look at your situation honestly. (The Tower)

To advance further in your career, try to maintain the optimism you have now. Things will not always be positive. You may have setbacks. However, you can learn and grow from these perceived losses. (The Sun - reversed).


Cancer Career Reading for July 2018

You’ve recently finished school or are in school now. You are very proud of your studies. You know you’ve got what it takes to succeed in your chosen field. 

Presently you need to show restraint with your emotions. Be rational. Do your job with quiet competence. Are you currently feeling doubt when it comes to your present job? If so, listen. This may not be the right job for you. 

In the future, you will have plenty of ideas and inspiration. Nothing will seem impossible. You will receive news good regarding your career or other creative projects. 

Things may not turn out exactly as you planned. Trust the Universe. Things will unfold nicely for you.