Fire Signs Career Tarot Reading - April

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! I asked the cards, what are you passionate about when it comes to your career. Here is your tarot reading for April:

The Knight of Wands Rx suggests you may already be doing what you are passionate about. You are a fire sign, so it would shock no one if you already know what you want. Also, you are going after it. However, this card suggests there is some conflict within you.

Fire Signs Career Tarot Reading - March

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! Here is your career reading for March:

The Three of Pentacles suggests you are currently in a learning situation or you feel like a beginner. You are doing great work. You are building something bigger than yourself. Others are admiring you and your knowledge. You like teaching and can’t wait to share what you know. You may feel like people aren’t noticing your strong work ethic, but they do.

Aries Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hi Aries! I asked the cards how you can revamp your work life. I pulled The World reversed as to how you are feeling now and the Seven of Cups is how you can transform.

You have a big goal or project you would like to finish, but something is stopping you from taking the necessary steps to cross the finish line. Perhaps you are letting fear get in the way. You may tell yourself that you are too busy to concentrate on that goal right now. You keep procrastinating. Aries can get bored when they don't see progress.

Aries Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead

Hi Aries! Your career card of the year is the Eight of Pentacles. Your card for improving your work life this year is The reversed Queen of Swords.

The Eight of Pentacles tells you this is a year for you to master your skills. Hard work and dedication will get you there. You need practice to obtain mastery. You also need self-discipline and a strong work ethic. As an Aries, you are goal-oriented and a doer so this won’t be hard for you. January 5-6 is the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, this would be an excellent time to get with a mentor. It is also a good time to work on a skill you’ve been trying to conquer.

Aries tarot reading (career) - November

Hey there, Aries! Your tarot cards for your career reading this month are the reversed Two of Wands and the Nine of Swords. These two cards show me you have some anxiety when it comes to your work.

The reversed Two of Wands says you are scared you may make the wrong decision. You’re overwhelmed, and this fear is paralyzing you. You have to make a choice. Perhaps what you need to realize is that neither decision is terrible.

Aries tarot reading (career) - October

Hey Aries! The Seven of Swords and The Fool reversed are your career cards for October. The Fool upright means you are ready to jump. As you probably guessed, The Fool reversed indicates you may be terrified to jump. You have doubts. You are wondering whether you should shake things up.

The Seven of Swords shows you are trying to control the situation. You want to do things your way.

Aries tarot reading (career) - September 2018

Aries, I see that you are working too hard.  It is okay to work too hard temporarily, but doing it long term can have bad effects on your life. (Queen of Pentacles – reversed)

To progress in your career, you need to realize you do have enough. You don’t have to overwork. Look at what you do have and break from the old habit of working so hard. (Seven of Swords – reversed)

If you take my advice, you will see that life has ups and downs. Always working won’t solve things. You must accept that there will always be good times and bad times. (The Wheel of Fortune)

Aries tarot career reading - August 2018

Right now, in your career, you feel brand new. Maybe you have a new job, a different position or you have just started a new business. Or perhaps you have new ideas you want to implement in your current situation. You are enthusiastic about these changes. (Page of Swords) 

To move forward, you need to focus on your finances and finding a balance between home and work. (Queen of Pentacles)

My advice to you is to reclaim your power. You have more control over your career than you think. (The Devil) As an Aries, you are a natural leader and achievement oriented. Things will be turn out fine.

Aries Career Reading for July 2018

In the past, you may have gotten a promotion or a new contract. You were noticed for your work in some way and you felt appreciated. You were working very hard. 

Presently, things aren't going as great as you would like. You are privately struggling with some apsect of your career. At this time, you need to not think logically. Rely on your senses. Your job is providing a good paycheck, but you yearn for more. 

Once you have made the decision regarding your career, everything in your life will improve. You will have more energy. All the negativity from the past will be gone. If you are currently considering a job offer, TAKE IT. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you. 

Don't insist on doing everything yourself. It is okay to be vulnerable and ask for help with your career.