Fire Signs Tarot Career Reading - May

Hi Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius! I asked the cards, what help is available to you in your career. Here is your tarot reading for May:

The Tower Rx suggests the Universe or Spirit will help you get rid of what isn’t working for you if you don’t do it on your own. It won’t be as sudden or as harsh as The Tower upright would be. Feel comforted by the fact that you won’t go into this career change alone. Now is the time for the change. As a Fire Sign, you are independent and autonomous, and you probably want to do the changes on your own. Think about what isn’t working. It needs to go. Don’t be resistant to a different way of doing things.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled Squirrel Spirit. That card says you have all the resources you need to make the changes you desire. You just need to trust and believe in yourself.

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