Earth Signs Tarot Career Reading - May

Hi Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn! I asked the cards, what help is available to you in your career. Here is your tarot reading for May:

Your card is the Ten of Pentacles. That card suggests several resources are available to you. You may feel a sense of lack or feel like you don’t deserve the help. As an Earth Sign, you can be stubborn and pragmatic. You may not ask for the help, but you must because if you don’t you are missing out on so many resources. This assistance can provide long lasting abundance. Be clear on what you need.

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle to pick an oracle card for you. I pulled  Skunk Spirit which goes well with the Ten of Pentacles. Know your worth. You should be proud of all you’ve accomplished. Be true to yourself.

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