Capricorn Tarot Career reading - Transformation

Hi Capricorn! I asked the cards how you can revamp your work life. I pulled the reversed Seven of Swords as to how you are feeling now and the Two of Wands Rx is how you can transform.

The Seven of Swords Rx says you are questioning whether you should take a step in a new direction. You don’t know which route to take. Don’t play it safe. If you are feeling like someone is deceiving you, this card is warning you that you may be right.

The Two of Wands Rx is not a great card to get for how you can change your situation. It shows you are overwhelmed and worried about making the wrong choice. This is not surprising since you are a fixed sign. Fear may be preventing you from moving forward. My suggestion is to take time and brainstorm. Write everything - good or bad- that could happen. This could lessen your anxiety. Write out a plan on how you want to move forward.

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