Libra Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hi, Libra! I asked the cards how you can change your work life. I pulled Eight of Swords as to how you are feeling now, but since I just pulled this card for Virgo, I also asked the cards what you are worried about, and the reversed Eight of Cups showed up. Being like the Nine of Cups is how you can transform.

The Eight of Swords reveals you feel trapped by some part of your career. You may be looking to get out of certain things. You’re stressed out. The Eight of Cups Rx indicates you’re feeling anxious about whether to leave or quit a project. Does it seem like an impossible situation? Is it time to move on?

The Nine of Cups is telling you to be grateful for what you have. That’s one way to get out of this anxiety-filled time. Also, take a breath and ask yourself what you desire. Your wish may be granted once you know what it is you want.

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