Taurus Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hi there! I asked the cards how you can change your work life. I pulled The Sun reversed as to how you are feeling now and being like the Knight of Pentacles is how you can transform.

The Sun Rx suggests you don't see your work situation with clarity. You are resisting what you know to be true. The Sun even in it’s reversed state is a good thing. Things are going a lot better in your career than you think they are. Be persistent and don’t get too down. When Mars conjoins Uranus on February 12, things will shift, and you may see a change in how you look at your situation. You will begin to see the good.

What should you do to become the Knight of Pentacles? Just keep working as hard as you already are. Stick to your plans and use this month to get ahead or stay steady. Have faith in your path.

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