Aries Tarot Career Reading - Transformation

Hi Aries! I asked the cards how you can revamp your work life. I pulled The World reversed as to how you are feeling now and the Seven of Cups is how you can transform.

You have a big goal or project you would like to finish, but something is stopping you from taking the necessary steps to cross the finish line. Perhaps you are letting fear get in the way. You may tell yourself that you are too busy to concentrate on that goal right now. You keep procrastinating. Aries can get bored when they don't see progress.

The Seven of Cups suggests you need not to be too indulgent. Clarify what you want. You are letting bright shiny objects get in the way of what you know you should be doing. Once you focus on what you know you want to accomplish, The World will turn upright, and you will complete your work goal.

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