Libra tarot reading (career) - October

Hi Libra! Your two tarot cards for this month are the reversed Seven of Cups and the Death card.

The reversed Seven of Cups shows a lack of clarity. Maybe you have a work-related decision to make, and you’re overwhelmed by the options. You feel confused and a little lost. You may feel as if all of the options you have to choose from are bad. You see it as a lose-lose situation.

Death is your action card for this month. Death for you could mean looking at whatever is bothering you with new eyes. To move forward, you have to get out of the past. Can you start from scratch with the decision you need to make? Carefully look at all the options. Surely, there must be one that is better than the others. Once you make the decision, you may have new opportunities, and you will no longer feel overwhelmed.