Gemini Career Reading for July 2018

Things might not be going well right now, but I promise they will get better. 

In the past, you needed to be reliable when it came to your career. You had a conventional job.  You had to be careful.  You were stable in that job. 

Now you are struggling. You can’t see your gifts because you aren’t looking. You recently had a career loss or if you didn’t lose your job, you lost something within the job. Status, maybe? Or you feel like you lost a particular future career path. 

The good news is you can manifest that new career or find a new direction within your current job. You are determined. You need to concentrate on what you want. Say it out loud and go after it. The good is out there, you just need to go after it. 

Eventually, all your hard work will pay off. Don’t know what direction to head in? Look for signs from the Universe.