Gemini Tarot Career Reading - Year Ahead

Hey Gemini! Your career card of the year is the reversed Eight of Pentacles. Your card for improving your work life this year is The Nine of Pentacles.


The reversed Eight of Pentacles says you want to take it easy this year when it comes to your career. You aren’t interested in learning new things. You may lack concentration. Are you wondering whether you are on the right track? Your perfectionism may be causing you not to even want to attempt things. Like I mentioned to Aries, the new moon in Capricorn (January 5-6) would be a great time to get a career mentor or follow someone you admire from afar. You can learn helpful things from others during this time.

The Nine of Pentacles suggests you can improve your career by learning new things and embracing working hard. Be disciplined and confident in your abilities.

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