All About Gemini

It's now Gemini season! Gemini is mutable air and ruled by Mercury. Mercury is all about communication, connection, and the mind. That pretty much explains Geminis. 😄

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Geminians are often gifted when it comes to speech. They can see both sides of the situation. They value freedom and enjoy being around people. They tend to love to learn and are incredibly creative. They love to question things rather than accept what's being said as fact. Their mutable nature leads them to be flexible. They can have so many interests that it can get overwhelming.

A skilled Gemini is friendly, logical, and curious. An unskilled Gemini is distant, nosy, and superficial.

Geminis tend to get along well with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Where is Gemini in your chart? My Moon sign is Gemini, and it's in my 3rd house. I rarely socialize, but when I do watch out! I talk extremely fast and can go on forever. It also explains how I sometimes use learning as a security blanket. The Moon is about security. And Gemini being in my 3rd house explains why I'm a life long learner.

Other examples: A person with the Sun in Gemini in the fourth house might frequently move or have a busy home life. A person with Gemini in the 10th house will want an active career. Or they might move from job to job. That person will need work with variety.

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Pluto Retrograde

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from April 24 to October 3. That’s 162 days. Pluto moves slow and is considered to be a generational and outer planet. In Roman mythology, Pluto was the ruler of the underworld. He was feared because he was thought to be a god of the dead.

Pluto Retrograde.png

In your own birth chart Pluto can show you what you worry about or what makes you angry. Pluto is also about transformation, survival, and death (physical death and the death of ideas).

During this Pluto retrograde, you may feel a need to change. You may let go of bad habits. Things that aren’t working for you won’t survive this retrograde.

Look at what house Capricorn is in your birth chart in your chart. That is a hint on what will change. For example, Capricorn is in my eleventh house. That house is about community and friendship. So for me, I may feel the need to get more involved in my community and focus on friendships.

Another example: Say Capricorn is in your twelfth house. The 12th house is about enemies, sorrow and self-knowledge. During this retrograde, you will feel the transformation. You will gain helpful information about yourself. Your personality may change. You need to get rid of the previous view of yourself.

Pluto retrograde reminds me of The Tower card in tarot. Weak foundations will break away.

Taurus Overview

Taurus season lasts from April 20th to May 20.  Taurus is fixed earth and the second sign of the Zodiac. Venus is the ruler of this sign. Venus is about possessions, attraction, and creativity. Taureans love their things. They value beautiful items and admire creativity. According to astrologer Robert Hand, Taurus is the most earthy sign of all the earth signs. He doesn’t think Venus is the best ruler for Taurus. He thinks Earth should rule Taurus. I can see both as rulers of the sign.

Taurus Overview.png

Taureans are pragmatic, practical and like stability. Don’t mess with their routine or you might see their rare anger, or they may become stubborn and refuse to budge.  Otherwise, they are known for being mellow. They are reliable and extremely loyal.

Taureans are not the life of the party. They aren’t very social. Many of them are introverted or shy. Taurus likes to be alone and can be happy reading a book or doing any solo activity.  They don’t need public recognition for a job well done.

A skilled Taurus is trustworthy, caring and creative. An unskilled Taurus is stubborn, self-indulgent, and inflexible.

Many Taureans like gardening, cooking and other handicrafts. They love using their hands. They like owning beautiful things like clothing and paintings. They love food! They don’t like taking risks.

Taurus and fire signs don’t often get along well. Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus. If they get together, it will be intense. Taurus usually get along well with Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, and other Taureans. All of this is a generalization. And remember everyone has every sign in their birth chart.

In tarot, The Hierophant is the card associated with Taurus. Like many Taureans, I don’t see that association. If you want to understand a Taurus, study The Empress. The Empress loves nature, is nurturing and likes abundance.

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All About Aries

It's Aries season! This is the beginning of a series of blog posts for each sign.

Aries marks the beginning of spring. It is the beginning of the sun's cycle through the zodiac.

about aries.png

Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. This is a sign of freedom. Aries wants to do whatever they want when they want. They want to be in charge of themselves more than in charge of others. They don't need a lot of social approval, and they tend to work best alone.

Aries is not an emotional sign. They don't like it when others are emotional either. As a fire sign, Aries can be impatient and energetic.

Mars and Aries are very similar. Mars is a courageous fighter. Mars likes to start new ventures and take action.

A skilled Aries will take the initiative, be generous, is practical and an excellent leader. An unskilled Aries can be impulsive, selfish, and belligerent.

As far as relationships go, if you believe opposites attract Aries should hang with Libra. Otherwise, Aries gets along well with Leo, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

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Brief Bill Clinton's Birth Chart Overview

I plan to do posts on other presidents. I choose Bill Clinton’s chart to do first because I happen to have it printed out. The chart I’m using is Tropical Whole Signs.

Clinton’s Sun sign is Leo. His Moon is in Taurus, and his ascendant is Libra. He is a strong Leo. The Sun rules Leo, and in his chart, Leo is governed by the Sun. He is confident, adventurous, loves to have fun and creative.

The first thing I notice while looking at Clinton’s chart is that he has no water in his chart! None. Water is associated with emotions and intuition. Does that mean he has no feelings? Nah. He is mostly air which is not shocking since he loves to communicate and take action.

As far as the modes go, he is mostly fixed. That indicates he isn’t fond of change. He likes stability. According to his chart, he is not very mutable which means he doesn’t adapt or transform well.

His Mercury is in Leo. That leads me to believe he would be a great teacher because he loves to acquire knowledge and he has excellent communication skills.  Looking at this overall chart, and if this were not Bill Clinton’s chart, I would recommend this person teach for a living. A lot of this chart is about learning and spreading that knowledge.

Clinton’s first house is ruled by Venus. I’m sure it shocks no one that that shows he is flirtatious and affectionate. It also shows he is possessive which I don’t think we see in his public life.

The sixth house is about career and money. His sixth house is ruled by Jupiter. I would warn him of not working too hard. It doesn’t always mean the person is a hard worker. It also can show someone committed to their work.

Astrology Birth Chart Lesson# 1

This is our first mini birth chart lesson. All you need is about 10-15 minutes and a birth chart (preferably yours). To get a free birth chart for yourself, you can go to or just search free birth chart. You’ll need to know your date of birth, the location of birth and what time you were born. By the way, if you aren’t sure what time you were born, some astrologers can figure it out for you.

Top Five Astrology Books for Beginners

Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine. Excellent book, but I hate to tell you it is definitely NOT the only astrology book you’ll ever need. It is a great first book to read. It is easy to understand with no prior knowledge of astrology required. It spends quite a bit of time on sun signs which probably makes most astrologers want to throw this book across the room.

It’s nice to have a copy of a birth chart when using this book. This book made me comfortable looking at a chart. However, don’t be like me and try to do a 10-page birth chart analysis from just using this book. It will not go well. It won’t be accurate because you need to know more than what is in this book.

The book covers moon and ascendant signs, cusps, and houses. It also goes into detail on each planet. I do recommend this book. Obviously. But know this is only the beginning.

Working With The Moon

My free “How to Work With the Moon” eBook is going out to email subscribers on January 17. Why work with the Moon? Each Moon has a different energy. The moon stays in each sign for about two to three days each month.

Fire signs are trailblazers, assertive, and confident. What is something you would want to do during a Fire Moon? Launch a new product.

Earth Signs are grounded, loyal, and responsible. Have a repetitive task, you’ve been avoiding? Do it during an Earth Moon.

Air signs are talkative, smart and objective. An Air Moon is a great time to generate new ideas. Brainstorm!

Astrological Signs and Careers

Here is an excerpt from my astrological signs and careers PDF. Coming out in mid-December to people on my mailing list.

Most people know their Sun Sign AKA horoscope sign because all the person needs to know is their birthdate. However, to gain more profound knowledge of yourself, I feel it is helpful to know your Moon and Ascendant (Rising Sign). To identify the latter two signs, you need to know not only where you were born, but also your time of birth.

For example, My Sun Sign is Taurus, but I find that I often relate more to my Ascendant which is Pisces. So I encourage you to read about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant.