Uranus - astrology 101

Uranus doesn't rule any zodiac sign in traditional astrology. In modern astrology, Uranus rules Aquarius.


⁠⁠Uranus has rebellious energy. Keywords for Uranus include change, alienation, technology, nonconformity, and invention.

⁠⁠A well placed Uranus is inventive. An ill placed Uranus is chaotic and eccentric. The worst place for Uranus to be is in Taurus. The best place is in Scorpio or Aquarius (in modern astrology only).

⁠⁠Astrologer Robert Hand says, "In order to deal with Uranus, detachment is necessary. One must not be wedded to the status quo. One must be ready to experience anything and to give up anything. The more easily one can let go, the more easily one can use the energies of Uranus positively". ⁠