Pluto - astrology 101


This is the last post of the planet series. Don't worry! Next, we will cover the houses. ⁠

⁠Roy Gillett says, "Pluto's birth-chart position shows our individual vulnerabilities. It tests whether our fears are valid and how long the dangers we face may last. This, in turn, may reveal ways in which we can be courageous and successful".⁠⁠

Pluto doesn't rule any planet in traditional astrology. Pluto reveals darkness and is connected to beginnings and endings.

⁠⁠Keywords for Pluto include survival, obsession, death, and motivations.⁠⁠

Pluto does well in Scorpio. A well placed Pluto is charismatic and empowered. An ill placed Pluto is manipulative. ⁠

Neptune - Astrology 101


Neptune doesn't rule any zodiac sign in traditional astrology. In modern astrology, it rules Pisces.

⁠⁠Astrologer Judy Hall describes Neptune as "embodying the urge to transcend the boundaries that keep the soul separate from the whole. It is the urge to transcend the everyday world, to move into higher states of consciousness and to merge with the divine or to escape reality".⁠

⁠Keywords for Neptune include dreams, imagination, inspiration, clairvoyance, escapism, confusion, and illusion. ⁠⁠

A good place for Neptune is Pisces. A well placed Neptune brings inspiration and is a visionary. A bad aspected Neptune tries to escape reality.⁠

Uranus - astrology 101

Uranus doesn't rule any zodiac sign in traditional astrology. In modern astrology, Uranus rules Aquarius.


⁠⁠Uranus has rebellious energy. Keywords for Uranus include change, alienation, technology, nonconformity, and invention.

⁠⁠A well placed Uranus is inventive. An ill placed Uranus is chaotic and eccentric. The worst place for Uranus to be is in Taurus. The best place is in Scorpio or Aquarius (in modern astrology only).

⁠⁠Astrologer Robert Hand says, "In order to deal with Uranus, detachment is necessary. One must not be wedded to the status quo. One must be ready to experience anything and to give up anything. The more easily one can let go, the more easily one can use the energies of Uranus positively". ⁠

Saturn - astrology 101


In traditional astrology Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius.

⁠⁠⁠⁠I love how Roy Gillett describes Saturn: "Saturn indicates where problems, restrictions, and barriers are likely in our lives and confronts us with the reality of impermanence. But Saturn presides over much more than failure and endings: as the planet of firm foundations, it can show us how to strengthen our endeavors and make them more sustainable". ⁠⁠⁠⁠

Saturn is necessary for the human experience. Keywords for Saturn include discipline, responsibility, structure, pragmatism, and anxiety. I have also seen it represent the father figure in birth charts. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

A well placed Saturn is reserved. An ill placed Saturn is mistrustful and jealous. ⁠⁠⁠⁠Saturn is most at home in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra. It doesn't do as well in Cancer, Leo, and Aries. ⁠

Jupiter - astrology 101


Many think of Jupiter as good and while it has many good qualities if the energy is used unwisely, it leads to excess. ⁠

In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. It is known as a planet of encouraging a broader perspective. Jupiter is also the planet of gambling. ⁠

Keywords for Jupiter include optimism, abundance, hope, luck, and expansion. ⁠

A well placed Jupiter is cheerful. An ill-placed Jupiter can lead to extravagance and procrastination. ⁠

Mars - astrology 101


In traditional astrology Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. In our birth charts, Mars works best when we can train its energies instead of just letting it do whatever it wants to do.⁠

Keywords for Mars: assertiveness, energy, aggression, courage, self courage, impatience, passion, & anger.

⁠ A well placed Mars gets things done and stands firm. An ill-placed Mars is aggressive and quick to lose control.

⁠ Astrologer Robert Hand says, "Nothing exists in nature without the energy of Mars enabling it to survive. Everything maintains its true nature through Mars energy."⁠

Venus - astrology 101


Venus is always close to the Sun. It is closer to the Sun than any other planet. Venus can represent attraction, love, beauty, and creation in the astrological chart. Venus has passive energy. It isn't assertive. Astrologer Robert Hand likes to say that Venus attracts things to you. It isn't about you going after what you are attracted to.⁠⁠

People with a strong Venus tend to be loving and charming. They don't do well by themselves. Venus is a sociable planet. ⁠⁠

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It doesn't do well in Aries and Virgo. A well placed Venus is warm, affectionate, and quiet. An ill-placed Venus is shameless, hedonistic and recklessly extravagant.⁠⁠

In the birth chart, Venus indicates what a person values, what/who a person is attracted to, and whether the person believes they are worthy of happiness. ⁠

Mercury - Astrology 101


Mercury is the smallest planet and the closest planet to the Sun. It rules Gemini and Virgo. ⁠⁠

Mercury represents thought, communication, commerce, and learning. The Moon governs the unconscious mind, while Mercury rules the conscious side. ⁠It can also signify travel.⁠⁠

⁠A person with a Mercury in Cancer may communicate very emotionally. People with Mercury in Taurus talk deliberately.

⁠⁠⁠A well-placed Mercury can show up by intelligence, strong communication skills, and learning well on their own. An ill-placed Mercury can lead to being a good liar, mischievous, and having no opinions. ⁠⁠

⁠"As long as the process of knowing is recognized to be less important than that which is to be known, Mercury is one of the highest symbols of all." Robert Hand - astrologer⁠

The Moon - Astrology 101

THE moon.png

The Moon orbits the Earth. Many astrologers consider the Moon as important as the Sun in a person's birth chart. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. It changes signs every 2 and half days.

The Moon signifies security, our instincts, rest, and nurturance. In a birth chart, wherever the Moon is located is where the person has emotional intimacy and feels the most emotionally comfortable. For example, if the Moon is in the 3rd house, the person will usually have a need to talk about their feelings. The Moon in the 6th house can indicate a need to serve others.

In astrology, many also say the Moon symbolizes the archetype of the mother. It is also known for being moody, subjective, and responsive.

If the Moon is square or in opposition with the Sun, it can lead to difficult emotional states. If the Moon is in conjunction with the Ascendant, it can lead to the person being protective and nurturing.

The Sun - Astrology 101

The Sun.png

In astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets. The Sun is the most crucial part of the sky. It illuminates the other planets. The Sun in your birth chart is your identity. It also symbolizes your purpose. Your Sun sign isn't everything, but you can tell a great deal about yourself by studying where the Sun was when you were born.

Someone with a Gemini Sun may shine when learning and talking. A Capricorn sparkles it comes to working. What house it's in also matters. A person with a Gemini Sun in the 11th house has a strong need to belong. A person with Capricorn Sun in the 1st house may be courageous and independent.

"A full understanding of the Sun in a birth chart is an important step toward understanding the person". - Robert Hand, astrologer