Overview of the Moon phases

New Moon - Where are you stuck? Time for a new start⁠.⁠ 🌑⁠ Waxing Crescent - What do you want to accomplish? Set your intention and keep the faith⁠.⁠ 🌜⁠ First Quater - You may see challenges when it comes to your goals. ⁠ 🌓⁠ Waxing Gibbous - You need a new perspective. ⁠Reaccess and make a decision. Don't give up. ⁠ 🌙⁠ Full Moon - New opportunities will occur.⁠ 🌕⁠ Waning Gibbous - Be grateful and share.⁠ 🌔⁠ Last Quarter - Listen carefully it may be time to let go of something. ⁠ 🌓⁠ Waning Crescent - Surrender and relax.⁠ 🌑⁠ And then the phases start all over again!⁠

Working With The Moon

My free “How to Work With the Moon” eBook is going out to email subscribers on January 17. Why work with the Moon? Each Moon has a different energy. The moon stays in each sign for about two to three days each month.

Fire signs are trailblazers, assertive, and confident. What is something you would want to do during a Fire Moon? Launch a new product.

Earth Signs are grounded, loyal, and responsible. Have a repetitive task, you’ve been avoiding? Do it during an Earth Moon.

Air signs are talkative, smart and objective. An Air Moon is a great time to generate new ideas. Brainstorm!