The Sixth House - Astrology 101

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The sixth house asks, what is your daily life like? Sometimes the sixth house is called the house of work, but it is only the house of work when the person doesn't like their work. It is the stuff we don't like to do, but we do it because we have to. If a person wants to know what their purpose is, they should look to the tenth house. The sixth house represents work we don't like, service we feel obligated to do, health, and daily routine.⁠ ⁠

⁠ A person with the Moon in the 6th may change jobs a lot. People with the Sun in the 6th may find themselves getting stuck with work/activities they don't like. People with Mars in the sixth house may tend to overwork. ⁠ ⁠⁠

Astrologer Robert Hand said, "The sixth house pertains to all activities pursued not for their own sake, but for the sake of something else. This something else maybe another purpose one chooses, external necessity one does not consciously choose, or circumstances that limit one's freedom of choice". ⁠

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The Fifth House - Astrology 101

The fifth house answers the question - what brings you joy? Keywords associated with the fifth house include play, creativity, self-expression, and pleasure.⁠

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⁠Saturn in the fifth can mean a person has difficulty having fun. People may consider them "too serious". The Sun in the fifth usually means the life of the party. Mercury in the fifth can mean fun for the person is writing, learning or reading.⁠

Astrologer Robert Hand says, "the fifth house symbolizes those parts of the psyche that wish to express the nature of the self. As a symbol of being, the fifth is "being myself" It represents a drive to play out the role one has chosen".⁠

The Fourth House - Astrology 101

The Fourth house astrology.png

The Fourth house answers the question: How are you at home? Keywords for the fourth house include family, home and childhood.

⁠A person with the Moon in the fourth house may be attached to being at home. Uranus in the fourth suggests an unpredictable, disruptive home. The Sun in the fourth indicates a person aware of what they need to make a nice home. ⁠

⁠Astrologer Robert Hand says, "At the innermost level, the fourth house symbolizes the psychic functions that connect us to the rest of life. It governs feelings of belonging, being at home, and being connected".

The Third House - Astrology 101

The third house answers the question: what do you think?⁠ ⁠The third house represents basic education, learning, communication, and siblings.

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⁠⁠A person with Saturn in the 3rd likes to plan things out. Neptune in the 3rd house can indicate scattered communication. Venus in the 3rd can mean a person good at learning languages. ⁠⁠

Astrologer Robert Hand says, "The third house is a level of mind that most of the time operates unconsciously, but it can be made conscious whenever you choose. It is unconscious not because you can't look at it, but because you normally do not choose to."⁠

Second House - Astrology 101

The First House-3.png

The 2nd house answers the question: what do you value? ⁠⁠Planets in this house represent possessions, money, self-esteem, and values. ⁠⁠

Mercury in the second house suggests your resources will fluctuate throughout life. The Moon in the 2nd indicates a person who needs resources to feel secure. A person with Uranus in the 2nd wants to be free of attachment to resources.

⁠⁠Astrologer Robert Hand says, "The second house signifies the part of the ego that is willing to flow beyond the boundaries of the body and attach itself to external entities, making them part of one's being. "⁠

First House - Astrology 101

The First House.png

This post starts a series on the houses of astrology. Birth charts are divided into 12 houses.⁠⁠

The 1st house can be described as self-image, individuality, identity, and behavior. ⁠⁠The first house is the most important house in a birth chart. It influences all the other houses. The Ascendant or rising sign is in the first house.

⁠A person with Mars in the first house is probably assertive and independent. Pluto in the first indicates a charming and adventurous persona. A person with Venus in the 1st usually loves people and is cheerful.

⁠⁠Robert Hand has the following to say on the first house: "On the psychological level the first house symbolizes the part of the self one chooses to mediate between oneself and the world. We create a face and then come to regard it as we are. Thus the first house represents a self-image as much as an image presented to others. This is not so much misrepresentation of ourselves as an incomplete expression".⁠