July Horoscopes

Aries Sun/Aries Rising

You may experience temporary difficulties at work. When Mercury is in retrograde, you should rest, especially if you feel you can’t cope with work. Read, meditate, or watch TV. Just be mindful to spend your time, the way you want to. In mid-July, you may become domineering or easily angered. You might have new sources of income. Be careful about spending your new money too fast. Travel may occur in late July. Overall, take an in-depth look at your life and don’t lose sleep over any difficulties.

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising

Changes may happen to your friendships this month. You will want to learn something new with the Sun being in the 3rd house or travel may be involved. You may have to deal with uncomfortable things from your past. Try not to take things personally, and don’t get defensive. You may have to deal with family obligations. You might feel a little resentful. You are likely to enjoy expressing your opinion during this month, and most of what will be revealed will be at the level of feelings rather than facts.

Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising

When it comes to work, don't refuse help and don't procrastinate. Allow others to help and work relationships may blossom. You are sensitive and have a tendency to withdraw from the world, and your home is significant to you at this time. It is also possible that you may tune in to the emotional needs of other's, or that thoughts from your past may come to your attention during this month. You may have an unsettled financial matter. Overall, you will see your life changing for the better. It will be slow progress, but steady.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising

With the Sun in your 12th house, you may feel the need to grow out of old patterns. In order to change, you must break out of old habits. Your will is strong at this time, and you may have a tendency to push yourself forward or to try to dominate others. You have lots of energy and great physical vitality during this transit, and you only need to guard against impulsive or even rash behavior. Whatever experiences come to you at this time, you will be ready to use them to the fullest advantage in your life development. There may be a temporary bit of financial strife this month. 

Leo Sun/Leo Rising

This month will you will be full of new, exciting ideas. You may feel the need to change your habits. This can be a time of profound transformation. On the other hand, since Mars will be in your 11th house, you may tire quickly, or feel sensitive and withdrawn. Also, you may find yourself making the wrong impression at times. You will be more compassionate towards others. With Venus entering your sign this month, if you are looking forward to dating, now is time.