full moon

Overview of the Moon phases


New Moon - Where are you stuck? Time for a new start⁠.⁠ 🌑⁠ Waxing Crescent - What do you want to accomplish? Set your intention and keep the faith⁠.⁠ 🌜⁠ First Quater - You may see challenges when it comes to your goals. ⁠ 🌓⁠ Waxing Gibbous - You need a new perspective. ⁠Reaccess and make a decision. Don't give up. ⁠ 🌙⁠ Full Moon - New opportunities will occur.⁠ 🌕⁠ Waning Gibbous - Be grateful and share.⁠ 🌔⁠ Last Quarter - Listen carefully it may be time to let go of something. ⁠ 🌓⁠ Waning Crescent - Surrender and relax.⁠ 🌑⁠ And then the phases start all over again!⁠

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 18, 2019

Full Moon in Libra reading-2.png

The Full Moon will be in Scorpio on May 18th at 5:11 EDT. Scorpio is intense, emotional, and can be seen as fearless. I asked the tarot, what should you take action with even if you're scared. I pulled the King of Swords Rx. This is the same card I pulled for the New Moon in Taurus for May 4th!

During this Full Moon, the King of Swords Rx is asking you to speak your truth. It doesn't have to be in a powerful way. It can be subtle. Don't hide behind what the group wants. What do you want? Express it. The Sun in Taurus with a conjunction to Mercury, also says this is a critical time to communicate. Since the Moon is in secretive Scorpio, one should be reminded to keep secrets secret. Now is not the time to tell everything.

What do you need to express to someone? What have you been holding on to? Now is time to communicate your needs.