Donald Trump and Chiron

Last night, I noticed for the first time that Trump and I have something astrologically in common. I've looked at his chart about twenty times, but I never noticed that we have Chiron in the second house.

Donald Trump & Chiron.png

First, I have to acknowledge there are two birth times for Trump. I always use the one with a time of 10:54 AM. That puts Chiron in Libra in the second house. (My Chiron is in Taurus).

Briefly, Chiron is about where we have been wounded in our life. It can describe a part of our life we wish never occurred. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer”. For simplicity and time sake, I'm only going to focus on Chiron in the second house. I won't reflect on the sign.

The second house is about self-worth and what we value. Is it already beginning to make sense when it comes to Trump? I know I sound like a broken record when I say to people, "that's just Trump being insecure." Now that I see his Chiron has to do with self-worth, it all makes sense. It might be easy for me to spot because I have the same issue. I’m no Trump, but I know what it’s like to feel constantly inferior.

I'm not sure where Trump insecurities come from. He had to borrow money from the family trust at least once. I think it's safe to say that money equals success to him. However, Chiron usually goes back to childhood issues. For me, it was being bullied. I don't know what happened to Trump as a child. Did his parents value his siblings more? Was he bullied in school?

I believe this is why he lies about how much he is financially worth. It is a deep wound for him. It would also explain why he doesn't want his high school and college transcripts released. He is very insecure. His self worth is tied to his resources and what he feels reflects self-worth. His Chiron is why he loves doing rallies so much. I don’t think he enjoys being president, but he enjoys doing the rallies.

Anyone has Chiron in the second house? How does it show up for you?