Full Moon in Scorpio - May 18, 2019

Full Moon in Libra reading-2.png

The Full Moon will be in Scorpio on May 18th at 5:11 EDT. Scorpio is intense, emotional, and can be seen as fearless. I asked the tarot, what should you take action with even if you're scared. I pulled the King of Swords Rx. This is the same card I pulled for the New Moon in Taurus for May 4th!

During this Full Moon, the King of Swords Rx is asking you to speak your truth. It doesn't have to be in a powerful way. It can be subtle. Don't hide behind what the group wants. What do you want? Express it. The Sun in Taurus with a conjunction to Mercury, also says this is a critical time to communicate. Since the Moon is in secretive Scorpio, one should be reminded to keep secrets secret. Now is not the time to tell everything.

What do you need to express to someone? What have you been holding on to? Now is time to communicate your needs.

How I do an email tarot reading

t was suggested that I do a how I do tarot readings blog post. I never thought about it before. It didn’t occur to me that this might be interesting to some. Well, here I am. These are the steps I take when I do an email reading for others. When I read for myself, there are fewer steps.

First, I create a clear space. I believe a cluttered space can create a muddled reading. I’m not a naturally neat person, so my area isn’t perfect.

I reread the question and any info about the querent. Before I do the reading, I’ve already glanced at the reading. But now is the time I concentrate on the question and whatever information the querent shared with me.

Then I create a spread. Sometimes I write the spread down. Recently, I’ve been using my computer to type out a spread. I go through my crystals to decide what to hold over my third eye chakra. I usually choose between amethyst, lapis lazuli, fluorite, moonstone or azurite. The one I use the most is azurite. I hold it over my third eye (between the eyebrows) for as long as I feel is needed while slowly breathing in and out.