Pluto - astrology 101


This is the last post of the planet series. Don't worry! Next, we will cover the houses. ⁠

⁠Roy Gillett says, "Pluto's birth-chart position shows our individual vulnerabilities. It tests whether our fears are valid and how long the dangers we face may last. This, in turn, may reveal ways in which we can be courageous and successful".⁠⁠

Pluto doesn't rule any planet in traditional astrology. Pluto reveals darkness and is connected to beginnings and endings.

⁠⁠Keywords for Pluto include survival, obsession, death, and motivations.⁠⁠

Pluto does well in Scorpio. A well placed Pluto is charismatic and empowered. An ill placed Pluto is manipulative. ⁠