Libra - astrology 101

Happy Libra season! Libra season lasts from September 23rd to August 22nd. ⁠⁠Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra is air, cardinal and positive.

Libra zodiac sign.png

Keywords for Libra include cooperation, determined, indecisive, harmony, judgment and adaptation. ⁠⁠Strengths of a Libra include the ability to create a harmonious atmosphere and negotiating. Weakness includes people-pleasing and the tendency to gloss over problems. They often like the arts, being in a relationship and a peaceful atmosphere. They don't like arguments and differences of opinion. ⁠⁠

Good careers for Libra includes graphic designer, art dealer, and lawyer. Kamala Harris, Tom Petty, Gandi, and Serena Williams are a few famous Librans. ⁠

⁠When it comes to planets in Libra, astrologer Robert Hand says, "In general, planets in Libra will bend the issues concerned with each planet more toward relationships and getting along with others. At the same time, planets in Libra will tend to operate in a lighter, less serious manner than in other signs". ⁠