First House - Astrology 101

The First House.png

This post starts a series on the houses of astrology. Birth charts are divided into 12 houses.⁠⁠

The 1st house can be described as self-image, individuality, identity, and behavior. ⁠⁠The first house is the most important house in a birth chart. It influences all the other houses. The Ascendant or rising sign is in the first house.

⁠A person with Mars in the first house is probably assertive and independent. Pluto in the first indicates a charming and adventurous persona. A person with Venus in the 1st usually loves people and is cheerful.

⁠⁠Robert Hand has the following to say on the first house: "On the psychological level the first house symbolizes the part of the self one chooses to mediate between oneself and the world. We create a face and then come to regard it as we are. Thus the first house represents a self-image as much as an image presented to others. This is not so much misrepresentation of ourselves as an incomplete expression".⁠