Venus - astrology 101


Venus is always close to the Sun. It is closer to the Sun than any other planet. Venus can represent attraction, love, beauty, and creation in the astrological chart. Venus has passive energy. It isn't assertive. Astrologer Robert Hand likes to say that Venus attracts things to you. It isn't about you going after what you are attracted to.⁠⁠

People with a strong Venus tend to be loving and charming. They don't do well by themselves. Venus is a sociable planet. ⁠⁠

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It doesn't do well in Aries and Virgo. A well placed Venus is warm, affectionate, and quiet. An ill-placed Venus is shameless, hedonistic and recklessly extravagant.⁠⁠

In the birth chart, Venus indicates what a person values, what/who a person is attracted to, and whether the person believes they are worthy of happiness. ⁠