Why do you love astrology?

Why do you love astrology? Or what interests you about astrology? For me, it started out as wanting to understand myself. Quickly it turned to me wanting to understand others. Now it is about all of the above and forecasting when it is the best time to do something. Some people see astrology as a spiritual practice. I'm not there yet. However, I'm currently learning about it.

Astrology can provide insight. It can lead to self-understanding and self-empowerment. Astrology can help you live your best life and give a sense of purpose to everyday life.

People use it for health reasons (medical astrology), for what career would fulfill them, for finding lost objects, wanting to understand the dynamics of a relationship, forecasting the future and more!

I am interested in learning horary astrology next. That type of astrology is useful for finding lost objects, people, and animals. Most people use it for questions like "Am I going to get the job?" or any yes/no question. My teacher recently used horary to help a farmer find her bull. How awesome is that?

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