How I do an email tarot reading

It was suggested that I do a how I do tarot readings blog post. I never thought about it before. It didn’t occur to me that this might be interesting to some. Well, here I am. These are the steps I take when I do an email reading for others. When I read for myself, there are fewer steps.

How to do a tarot email reading

First, I create a clear space. I believe a cluttered space can create a muddled reading. I’m not a naturally neat person, so my area isn’t perfect.

I reread the question and any info about the querent. Before I do the reading, I’ve already glanced at the reading. But now is the time I concentrate on the question and whatever information the querent shared with me.

Then I create a spread. Sometimes I write the spread down. Recently, I’ve been using my computer to type out a spread. I go through my crystals to decide what to hold over my third eye chakra. I usually choose between amethyst, lapis lazuli, fluorite, moonstone or azurite. The one I use the most is azurite. I hold it over my third eye (between the eyebrows) for as long as I feel is needed while slowly breathing in and out.

I meditate for 3 minutes while still using the crystal. I used to meditate for 12 minutes for each reading, but I found that to be excessive. So I created my own meditation (it can be found in the resource library - free for email subscribers).

crystals for intuition

After I meditate, I start shuffling the cards while thinking about the querent and the person’s question.

Then I hold my left hand over the cards and repeat the question. I do this because the left hand is supposed to have the most intuition.

I shuffle three times. Then I pull the number of cards I need from the top of the deck. For example, if I planned a three card spread, I draw 3 cards from the top of the deck.

I look at the spread. Does anything jump out? Are there mostly swords or pentacles? Are the majority of the cards Major Arcana? Etc. Sometimes I write it or type these thoughts out. Other times I just keep it in the back of my mind.

Then I put everything together and do the reading. These days I tend to type things out. I used to write. I don’t feel like I lose anything by using my computer.

And that’s it. It seems like a little long when I type it out, but it used to be longer when I was starting because I was a bit unsure of myself.

Thank you for reading!