Astrology Birth Chart Lesson# 1

This is our first mini birth chart lesson. All you need is about 10-15 minutes and a birth chart (preferably yours). To get a free birth chart for yourself, you can go to or just search free birth chart. You’ll need to know your date of birth, the location of birth and what time you were born. By the way, if you aren’t sure what time you were born, some astrologers can figure it out for you.

free birth chart lesson astrology.png

You have a birth chart, right? Look at my bad attempt at drawing a chart! I hope it is good enough for you to get the point. Let’s start with the Eastern and Western hemisphere. Well, first I guess we should talk about planets. I use a total of ten planets (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Venus). Some people count more like Chiron and the Ascendant. You can do whatever you like, but I only use those 10 planets when I read charts.

Count the number of planets on each hemisphere. Where are most of them? If they are on the Eastern side, that indicates the person is focused on internal relationships. They have a lot of self-determination and are quick to make a move. If there are more planets on the Western side, that means the person is focused on external relationships. They observe before taking action, and they are considered passive.

Now let’s look at the quadrants. Count how many planets are in each quadrant. If the chart has more planets in the first quadrant, they are usually introverted and self-reliant. The person is motivated and assertive. If most planets are in the second quadrant, the person is also introverted, but the difference is they are reactive. They react to situations rather than initiate situations. They are also focused on relationships.

If the chart has the most planets in the third quadrant, the person is extroverted and reactive. This person has a deep awareness of society. Finally, if most planets are in the fourth quadrant, the person is extroverted and self-reliant. They have a need to integrate with society.

Let’s look at the difference between someone who has more planets at the top of the chart (combine the 3rd and 4th quadrants), and the bottom of the chart (1st and 2nd quadrants). The top of the chart is known as the Southern hemisphere. I know that seems backward just like the whole Eastern - Western thing! Anyway, if the chart has more planets in the top half, the person is considered less personal and more social. If the chart has more planets in the bottom half (Northern hemisphere), the person is more personal and less social. I will probably go more in depth on this part in another post.

Does this info match the person’s chart you’re looking at? I have 5 planets in the 3rd quadrant, and I’m as far from extroverted as one can get, but I am very reactive. As far as the Eastern and Western Hemispheres goes, I have the most planets in the West. That fits me (passive, observe before taking action, etc.) but not the extroversion part. Why does my chart say I’m an extrovert when I’m not? Who knows? Maybe I’m meant to be extroverted, but life got in the way.

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