Brief Bill Clinton's Birth Chart Overview

I plan to do posts on other presidents. I choose Bill Clinton’s chart to do first because I happen to have it printed out. The chart I’m using is Tropical Whole Signs.

Clinton’s Sun sign is Leo. His Moon is in Taurus, and his ascendant is Libra. He is a strong Leo. The Sun rules Leo, and in his chart, Leo is governed by the Sun. He is confident, adventurous, loves to have fun and creative.

Bill Clinton birth chart.png

The first thing I notice while looking at Clinton’s chart is that he has no water in his chart! None. Water is associated with emotions and intuition. Does that mean he has no feelings? Nah. He is mostly air which is not shocking since he loves to communicate and take action.

As far as the modes go, he is mostly fixed. That indicates he isn’t fond of change. He likes stability. According to his chart, he is not very mutable which means he doesn’t adapt or transform well.

His Mercury is in Leo. That leads me to believe he would be a great teacher because he loves to acquire knowledge and he has excellent communication skills.  Looking at this overall chart, and if this were not Bill Clinton’s chart, I would recommend this person teach for a living. A lot of this chart is about learning and spreading that knowledge.

Clinton’s first house is ruled by Venus. I’m sure it shocks no one that that shows he is flirtatious and affectionate. It also shows he is possessive which I don’t think we see in his public life.

The sixth house is about career and money. His sixth house is ruled by Jupiter. I would warn him of not working too hard. It doesn’t always mean the person is a hard worker. It also can show someone committed to their work.

The seventh house is all about relationships. Clinton’s seventh’s house is ruled by Mars. That can indicate his relationships aren’t stable. He likes challenging partners.

His ninth house is ruled by Mercury. That suggests he wants to know everything. He is passionate about learning. This also leads me to suggest he teach. The ninth house ruled by Mercury can also say someone is overconfident.

His tenth house is ruled by the Moon. The tenth house is about our public selves. Clinton’s chart unsurprisingly shows he is ambitious, likes recognition and enjoys being popular.

His North Node is in the 3rd house ruled by Sagittarius. To find joy, he should focus on communication, writing, and his close family.