Astrology 101 Step by Step Guide to the Basics of Astrology is OPEN - use code BETA for $20 off.

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Self-improvement begins with self-knowledge. Do you struggle to understand why you do the things you do, even when you try to be different? Without a sense of self, you can't begin to change.

Learn to understand yourself and others better. Astrology is the quickest way to build compassion for yourself and for others. Compassion is the ingredient that can single-handedly change this world, and it's needed more than ever right now. I know astrology can be life changing.

Five years ago, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to astrology. I had taken course after course, and it was all too confusing. After years of learning, I made the course I wanted when I began so that you can learn the basics of astrology quickly and get the benefits immediately. 

With Astrology 101, you will be able to establish a strong foundation which will allow you to not only understand how astrology works but also receive a deeper understanding and gratitude for life itself.

I’ll teach you the basics of astrology, including:

  • How to read your chart -- Learn the basics of your natal chart, and what those symbols mean so you can get a better understanding of yourself.

  • The signs and the planets -- Dive in deeper than knowing just your sun sign so you can know your unique gifts, talents, and challenges.

  • And more!

Class starts on October 14th! Hope to see you there.

This is my first time presenting this material as this course. As a result, I'm looking for your feedback. You have the unique opportunity to help me craft this, and you'll have lifetime access to any updates in the future. You will be able to comment below each lesson with feedback. You'll also be able to ask questions on any of the content and receive an answer within 48 hours.

$40 for:

Introductory astrology course - Value $97

Unlimited access to the course (plus updates) - Value $97

Answers to questions within 48 hours - Value $197

Self-help bundle bonus - Value $20

Week One:

  • Introduction to Astrology: Beginning Your Astrological Adventure

  • History of Astrology

  • Chart Patterns

Week Two:

  • The Planets: The Main Actors of Your Life

Week Three:

  • Zodiac Signs: The Journey of the Soul

Week Four:

  • The Houses: How the Planets Work in Your Life

Week Five:

  • Birth Chart Reviews: Putting It All Together

  • Bonuses: Self Care Bundle

  • Book Recommendations