Working With The Moon

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My free “How to Work With the Moon” eBook is going out to email subscribers on January 17. Why work with the Moon? Each Moon has a different energy. The moon stays in each sign for about two to three days each month.

Fire signs are trailblazers, assertive, and confident. What is something you would want to do during a Fire Moon? Launch a new product.

Earth Signs are grounded, loyal, and responsible. Have a repetitive task, you’ve been avoiding? Do it during an Earth Moon.

Air signs are talkative, smart and objective. An Air Moon is a great time to generate new ideas. Brainstorm!

Water signs are intuitive, emotional and intense. Take a long bath and just stay home if you can during a Water Moon.

A New Moon is a time to set intentions.

A Full Moon is a good time to reflect and accept what is.

My downloadable guide will advise you when it is best to organize your house, network, launch a new product or just relax. Included in the eBook, are several links to resources. (Check out a few of my favorites below!) To get access to this eBook, sign up to my monthly newsletter. Thank you!

Moon Resources

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