Astrological Signs and Careers

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Here is an excerpt from my astrological signs and careers PDF. Coming out in mid-December to people on my mailing list.

Most people know their Sun Sign AKA horoscope sign because all the person needs to know is their birthdate. However, to gain more profound knowledge of yourself, I feel it is helpful to know your Moon and Ascendant (Rising Sign). To identify the latter two signs, you need to know not only where you were born, but also your time of birth.

For example, My Sun Sign is Taurus, but I find that I often relate more to my Ascendant which is Pisces. So I encourage you to read about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant.

The Sun Sign shows your general character. The Moon Sign is what you see. The Ascendant is how others see you and how you interact with the world.

Here are useful links on how to find out your Ascendant and your Moon Sign.

This PDF will go through each astrological sign and list the strengths and weakness along with what careers are an excellent fit for each sign. Make sure you sign up! I will be creating free tarot or astrology related PDFs every month.