Overview of Marianne Williamson's birth chart

Marianne Williamson birth chart.png

July 8th is Marianne Williamson's birthday, so I decided to do a birth chart overview of her chart. Marianne is a spiritual teacher, speaker, and author. She is also running for president! ⁠ ⁠⁠

⁠She has a Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Gemini Ascendant. She is mostly Water. When it comes to modes, she is mostly cardinal. ⁠⁠

Since the Ascendant shows how she presents herself to the world. She comes across as a Gemini. She is often asking questions. People probably see her as an extrovert, whether she is or not.

With her Moon in Capricorn and in the 8th house, she tends to be serious and determined. She is extremely ambitious. She may have a problem being happy unless it is related to work. She is also extremely intuitive.

⁠Marianne's Sun is in the 2nd house. She may use her feelings to make decisions. She sees current events through the lens of the past instead of what is going on in her life at the moment. She values beautiful possessions.

⁠⁠⁠She can thank her speaking and writing skills to Pluto being in the third house. That also helps her not care what other people think about what she's saying.⁠ Some may see her as dogmatic. She can come across as blunt. She has found a way to use Pluto by becoming a teacher and speaker. ⁠

With Jupiter in the 12th house, her work needs to have an emotional component. Her Jupiter is another indicator that she doesn't care what others think. She may have a tendency to want to escape reality. ⁠She could probably use people around her to pay attention to details. ⁠

Her Mars is trine with her midheaven. She cares very much about having a successful career. When she knows what she wants to do, she gets it done.

⁠⁠Her Sun is square with Neptune which leads her to be a visionary and very sensitive. She is creative and could learn to listen to constructive criticism. ⁠⁠

⁠In closing, I'll discuss her Saturn in the 5th house. She may have a hard time with her true feelings. And due to that people may see her as reserved and rigid. ⁠⁠⁠

The Moon - Astrology 101

THE moon.png

The Moon orbits the Earth. Many astrologers consider the Moon as important as the Sun in a person's birth chart. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. It changes signs ever 2 and half days.

The Moon signifies security, our instincts, rest, and nurturance. In a birth chart, wherever the Moon is located is where the person has emotional intimacy and feels the most emotionally comfortable. For example, if the Moon is in the 3rd house, the person will usually have a need to talk about their feelings. The Moon in the 6th house can indicate a need to serve others.

In astrology, many also say the Moon symbolizes the archetype of the mother. It is also known for being moody, subjective, and responsive.

If the Moon is square or in opposition with the Sun, it can lead to difficult emotional states. If the Moon is in conjunction with the Ascendant, it can lead to the person being protective and nurturing.

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Why do you love astrology?

Why do you love astrology? Or what interests you about astrology? For me, it started out as wanting to understand myself. Quickly it turned to me wanting to understand others. Now it is about all of the above and forecasting when it is the best time to do something. Some people see astrology as a spiritual practice. I'm not there yet. However, I'm currently learning about it.

Astrology can provide insight. It can lead to self-understanding and self-empowerment. Astrology can help you live your best life and give a sense of purpose to everyday life.

People use it for health reasons (medical astrology), for what career would fulfill them, for finding lost objects, wanting to understand the dynamics of a relationship, forecasting the future and more!

I am interested in learning horary astrology next. That type of astrology is useful for finding lost objects, people, and animals. Most people use it for questions like "Am I going to get the job?" or any yes/no question. My teacher recently used horary to help a farmer find her bull. How awesome is that?

Love astrology.jpeg

The Sun - Astrology 101

The Sun.png

In astrology, the Sun and the Moon are considered planets. The Sun is the most crucial part of the sky. It illuminates the other planets. The Sun in your birth chart is your identity. It also symbolizes your purpose. Your Sun sign isn't everything, but you can tell a great deal about yourself by studying where the Sun was when you were born.

Someone with a Gemini Sun may shine when learning and talking. A Capricorn sparkles it comes to working. What house it's in also matters. A person with a Gemini Sun in the 11th house has a strong need to belong. A person with Capricorn Sun in the 1st house may be courageous and independent.

"A full understanding of the Sun in a birth chart is an important step toward understanding the person". - Robert Hand, astrologer

Happy Cancer Season

Happy Cancer season! The Latin word for Cancer is crab hence Cancer the crab! Cancer is cardinal water and is ruled by the Moon. The planet and the sign are about security.

Cancers are thought to be sensitive, caring, and nurturing like the Moon. They can appear as tough as they tend to hide their sensitivity. One of the main fears of Cancers is being dependent on others. They can get defensive if they feel threatened.

Cancer zodiac.png

Cancers love being at home. They love the familiar. They are not known for enjoying travel.

A skilled Cancer is nurturing, emotional, and intuitive. An unskilled Cancer comes across as moody, extremely cautious, and manipulative.

When it comes to relationships, Cancers tend to get along well with Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, and Taurus. The least compatible signs are Aries, Capricorn, and Libra.

Where Cancer is in your house represents your home, your roots, and what we are like in private.

Donald Trump and Chiron

Last night, I noticed for the first time that Trump and I have something astrologically in common. I've looked at his chart about twenty times, but I never noticed that we have Chiron in the second house.

Donald Trump & Chiron.png

First, I have to acknowledge there are two birth times for Trump. I always use the one with a time of 10:54 AM. That puts Chiron in Libra in the second house. (My Chiron is in Taurus).

Briefly, Chiron is about where we have been wounded in our life. It can describe a part of our life we wish never occurred. Chiron is known as “the wounded healer”. For simplicity and time sake, I'm only going to focus on Chiron in the second house. I won't reflect on the sign.

The second house is about self-worth and what we value. Is it already beginning to make sense when it comes to Trump? I know I sound like a broken record when I say to people, "that's just Trump being insecure." Now that I see his Chiron has to do with self-worth, it all makes sense. It might be easy for me to spot because I have the same issue. I’m no Trump, but I know what it’s like to feel constantly inferior.

I'm not sure where Trump insecurities come from. He had to borrow money from the family trust at least once. I think it's safe to say that money equals success to him. However, Chiron usually goes back to childhood issues. For me, it was being bullied. I don't know what happened to Trump as a child. Did his parents value his siblings more? Was he bullied in school?

I believe this is why he lies about how much he is financially worth. It is a deep wound for him. It would also explain why he doesn't want his high school and college transcripts released. He is very insecure. His self worth is tied to his resources and what he feels reflects self-worth. His Chiron is why he loves doing rallies so much. I don’t think he enjoys being president, but he enjoys doing the rallies.

Anyone has Chiron in the second house? How does it show up for you?

New Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Libra reading-4.png

The New Moon in Gemini is June 3rd. This New Moon is about how we communicate and how others communicate with us. It is also about our ideas. I decided to ask Tarot, what do you need to think about more? I pulled the Nine of Pentacles RX.

It's time to think about new ways of obtaining abundance. Brainstorm some ideas. How can you make more money? What can you stop doing to have more time to do what you desire? What do you need to do to have more energy? How can you get the support you need?

Today can be a day of fresh starts. Reflect on the things that are and aren't working in your life. Happy New Moon!

All About Gemini

It's now Gemini season! Gemini is mutable air and ruled by Mercury. Mercury is all about communication, connection, and the mind. That pretty much explains Geminis. 😄

Happy Gemini Season!.png

Geminians are often gifted when it comes to speech. They can see both sides of the situation. They value freedom and enjoy being around people. They tend to love to learn and are incredibly creative. They love to question things rather than accept what's being said as fact. Their mutable nature leads them to be flexible. They can have so many interests that it can get overwhelming.

A skilled Gemini is friendly, logical, and curious. An unskilled Gemini is distant, nosy, and superficial.

Geminis tend to get along well with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius.

Where is Gemini in your chart? My Moon sign is Gemini, and it's in my 3rd house. I rarely socialize, but when I do watch out! I talk extremely fast and can go on forever. It also explains how I sometimes use learning as a security blanket. The Moon is about security. And Gemini being in my 3rd house explains why I'm a life long learner.

Other examples: A person with the Sun in Gemini in the fourth house might frequently move or have a busy home life. A person with Gemini in the 10th house will want an active career. Or they might move from job to job. That person will need work with variety.

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