You want an outside perspective. You are struggling with doubt. You want clarity. You want to know more about yourself. You believe in free will. If that’s you, I can help.

Hi, my name is Kat. I specialize in astrology. I have taken classes at Kepler College, Astrology University and the American Federation of Astrology.


Why work with me? My qualifications provide evidence of my abilities and experience. Not to mention, I have a proven track record when it comes to giving insight through astrology. I want to help you have clarity and have confidence in your decisions.

I am passionate about using astrology to help empower people and help people make conscious decisions. Your reading will help you with decisions and see what is concealed. My approach to tarot is to provide a positive, enlightening experience. 

Astrology has helped me put things into perspective. It shows me what I may be missing and gives me an honest look at my situation. It also helps me make decisions by showing me what I need to change. I hope the astrology can do the same for you. 

The benefits of working with me is that you will know who you are. With astrology, you will get comprehensive reports.

I also have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Business which allows me to have a better understanding of myself and leads to enhanced understanding of you.

Sarah Chappell became my mentor/teacher in June of 2018. I took her one on one mentorship program, and some of her other offers.

Additional info: My sun sign is Taurus. My moon sign is Gemini with Pisces rising. I also love tarot, music, nature, reading, learning, traveling, and my dog.